Cats and Comforters

A few weeks ago, Snarky Daughter and I went on a college visit. We were gone for four days, with a 12-hour visit to Canada tossed in for fun. Hey, we were thirty minutes away, we had passports, come on. You’d go too. It was a lovely 12 hours, and I highly recommend visiting our Northern Neighbor if you haven’t already.

When we got back, our two normal cats who hang together all the time, were fighting. It was a nightmare. I’m not sure what Lord of the Flies thing happened while we were gone (Scout Son and Sarcastic Roommate were at home), but now I have two cats on kitty Prozac, and high hopes that within 30 days they’re return to normal.

While we were gone, there must have been some skirmishes on my bed because now my duvet cover needs to be replaced. Nothing insanely gross, but it’s time. It was also falling apart.

You’d think duvet covers would be cheap. I mean, we’re talking about two flat sheets sewn together. I know this because several years ago when there was a laundry incident with my comforter and I couldn’t find a duvet cover I liked, I… you guessed it… bought two sheets, sewed them together and made a duvet cover.

It’s not that I’m cheap. It’s that I don’t see why one should cost $150. It’s sheets people. There’s nothing between them. Also, I’m not an overly floral kind of girl so finding a comforter/duvet cover is painful. Really painful. I’ve just spent eight nights looking for one that is 1) not covered in flowers, 2) not pink, and 3) not hellaciously expensive. But since duvet covers cost as much as comforters, I’ve extended the search out to the whole deal.

Like I said, the last time I went through this, I gave up, bought two 300 thread count sheets I liked and pretended I was a seamstress. I’m not, but everything in the stores is Bed in a Bag these days. I don’t need a whole set with a thread count of 2 and bits of bark dangling off the threads. I discovered phenomenal sheets with a bazillion thread count (once you get over 300 you never go back), so the whole combo thing doesn’t work for me.

This is right up there with bra shopping, and you all know how I feel about that. In case you’re wondering, I pretty much hate all shopping. It makes me great as a packaging copywriter, but horrible if you have to live the shopping dream with me. And everyone in the house has been living the duvet cover dream.

After eight days of going through Amazon, Overstock, Bed Bath & Beyond and every other online retailer (and yes, I did look at pretty much every page for each one of those), I finally settled on this dark blue Moroccan pattern. No flowers, no pastels, hides everything. I love it.

Next up: creating a new entertainment setup in the living room. Because the only thing I like more than shopping, is adding a DIY component to it! IKEA hacks, here I come!


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