Day Two Wheat-Free

Crackers. Crackers. Crackers.

No, I don’t crave bread. I’m not a big sandwich person. But I would gladly kill for some crackers.

According to the book, people who don’t eat wheat will eat 300-400 fewer calories than people who eat wheat. I’m not sure how this is possible since all I want to do is eat everything that is not wheat in the hopes it will taste like…wheat.

See, this is the problem with binging on wheat last week. Now I’m going through withdrawal. Yes, there is wheat withdrawal.

But it will be worth it. And with all the time I’m saving by not stuffing my face with crackers, I am writing. And since I’m cranky, you know I’m torturing my characters.

They don’t want wheat. They want… well, we all know what they want. But they’re not getting any either. Hopefully by the time they do get some, I’ll be through my withdrawal and a happy camper again.

Without wheat.

Have I mentioned the 9 cases of Girl Scout Cookies that are still in my living room? I ordered 8 boxes of cookies before I got this great idea. Snarky Daughter bought 2 boxes, and Scout Son bought 1. That’s 11 boxes of cookies We. Can’t. Eat.

Just sitting there. Taunting us. Well, me. Because I am letting the kids have a cookie a day. At this rate, we’ll be out of cookies by Christmas.

All you folks who give stuff up for Lent? I have a whole new respect for you. Because that binge thing last week? I am paying for it now. The interesting thing is I know I’m not hungry as I’m lusting after crackers. I feel full. So I tell The Voice in my head to shut the hell up. I am not hungry. Because I’m not.


Channel your inner Gloria Gaynor here:

At first I was afraid, I was petrified

Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side…


I want to be healthier than my mom was. Yesterday I told you about how much pain I was in last week when I was eating all the wheat. But today’s Day Two and the pain is almost completely gone again. So is the swelling. I still have a headache, but I blame the coffee table.

Now, I just have to make it through Day Three. For those of you who haven’t ever tried cutting carbs out of your diet, Day Three is the day from hell. It’s the day the cravings are typically the worst.


Channel Gloria again. I will survive. I will survive! I will survive!!


2 thoughts on “Day Two Wheat-Free

  1. You’re craving crackers and I am craving King Cake. I don’t even love cake but darn it when there is cake that you shouldn’t have, there is nothing else I want. Technically I can totally have some since I’m not completely wheat-free yet….but I will deny myself because I am full of of maturity and self control. Laugh all you want.

    1. Today being Mardi Gras, I admit, some beignet would be wonderful, but I haven’t done my research to find my no-wheat recipe for those yet! Don’t know if I should tell you to hold strong because you want to go wheat-free, or I should tell you to enjoy because it’s Fat Tuesday and tomorrow you can give everything up for Lent.

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