Bye Bye Directv

So, I did the unthinkable this week. I cancelled Directv. Do I have a beef with them? Not at all. Roommate’s leaving (and yes, I feel really lame being my age and having a roommate, but there you go), and I wanted to save some money. Also, you know, New To Me New Car to replace Carmax Car From Hell (the 3 faithful readers I have will remember that drama) came with a slightly larger car payment, which Directv costs can be redirected to.

But no, I didn’t have any issue with their service. I was with them since, literally, before they were Directv. Something like 20 years. And unless we were having a helluva storm, (kind of like Helluva Good Dip but totally not) I got service. Even with 18 inches of snow, I got service. But I DVR’d everything so it’s not like I needed to watch TV when stuff aired. Granted, the week of the World Series might not have been the best timing, but there you go.

When I started floating this idea a couple of months ago, I expected people to look at me like I was insane. In my case, I lost all local programming too because I live halfway down a hill, in the woods, with no way to get decent reception without an antennae the size of Nebraska. (Yes, I’ve heard there are digital antennae, and I may break down and buy one at some point.)

But most of my friends were shocked to find I was still on satellite. “Get Hulu Plus and forget about it. So you wait a day to watch your shows. Really what are you watching when it airs now?” Well… nothing.

I expected the kids to be upset, but it turns out they watch everything online anyway because, you know, they’re geeks with bandwidth. In fact, the only show I can’t find online, and I’ve looked for a whopping .02 seconds, is White Collar, and this is the last season, so I guess I’ll just deal.

Someone else asked how I’d get my news. Um, yeah. That would be a combination of CNN online (I’m not proud), and NPR (go make a donation!), the same way I’ve gotten my news for the past ten years. I like that I can pick and choose what I read about. In fact, if everyone did news the way I did, we’d all know 204 new things to do with our iOS8, and there would be very little bad news. Ever. Because it’s depressing. Although, the footage of that rocket blowing up last night was cool, but only because we nobody was on the thing, and we can still get supplies to the space station.

The upside is that I have just lost a major factor in writing procrastination. The downside is that I also have lost the Super Bowl. Snarky Daughter sees this as another benefit, “You know they can’t hear you yelling at them.” Um… what now? Of course they can. But I just view that as another way to get me out of the house and social.

So… who’s having a Super Bowl party?