Writing Wednesday…or Not

Yes, I know. Today is the day you all come to see what nuggets of writing wisdom I’m going to share. We are renaming today Migraine Wednesday. I got up long enough to make sure the kids got out the door (OK, I lifted my head and listened to the door close). Tried again an hour later and managed to take a shower and eat breakfast before I gave up and crashed on the couch for the day.

Lucky for me, it’s a comfy couch.

It’s allergy season, well everywhere, and I am allergic to everything. I was tested a few years ago and the doctor said, “What do you think you’re allergic to?” Everything green and leafy. Well, 20 minutes and a specialist co-pay later I found out I was allergic to…pretty much everything green and leafy. When I moved to the east coast I learned that I’m allergic to either chickens or all the dust and wood shavings they live in. This would have been a good thing to remember three weeks ago before I became the proud owner of six chicks.

Ah well. There are shots for that. In the meantime, there’s a migraine. Personally, I think the migraine would be helped by going to the beach because everything’s better at the beach. Did I mention there wouldn’t be French horn practice at the beach?

Tune in next week when I’ll come up with some writing gems. And you definitely want to be here on Friday for the weekly Kids in the Kitchen segment where Scout Son makes pound cake. I’m sure I’ll have come up with something funny about that by then. It’s an awesome recipe; you should stop by to find out where you can get that if nothing else.

In the meantime, check out some of the other stops on the blog hop this week. And don’t forget to enter the contests here by sharing where you run away to!

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